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Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor Blog for Stories Tips and Reviews from Outdoor Men and Women.


Let your kids discover their passion - even if it's not fishing!

Troy Thomas

I was so very proud of my oldest daughter a few weeks ago for competing for the second year with her school's trapshooting team. I was proud because she was one of very few girls in a sea of boys. I was proud because she took the advice of a seasoned trapshooter and increased her score. I was proud because her school offers such an important sport, and doesn't discriminate in any way. Last, I was proud of the amazing facility that my state's Game and Fish Commission has provided for the teams in our area. It was a great day and we all took the day off of school and work to support her. 

I have always felt it important to introduce my kids to as many activities as possible without pushing it on them. I have sat back and watched my children sign up for sport after sport knowing in my heart that they were going to hate it, but supporting them all the way through to the end of the season when they ultimately decide it's not for them anyway! I have watched my youngest daughter struggle through gymnastics because she was told time and again from outsiders that she was made for gymnastics (because she is quite small and shorter than others her age) and then totally flourish in volleyball. She is shorter than everyone on the team, but can reach even higher than them when she jumps! It's a process that I try to guide them through instead of lead, pull, or drag them through. In the end, it's never about what they seem to be "made for" but where their heart finds its passion. 

I never try to push sports on my son either. He has tried everything from tennis to baseball to basketball to gymnastics and though he has a love for baseball and basketball he is a gamer at heart! 

Having said all that, the one thing we can all agree on is that fishing is for all of us! Thank goodness!!