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Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor Blog for Stories, Tips and Reviews

Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor Blog for Stories Tips and Reviews from Outdoor Men and Women.


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Ice Fishing for Smallmouth

Troy Thomas

On a broad expanse of Great Lakes ice, wind snapped the sides of our shelters like flags left out in a hurricane. A thick layer of clouds dimmed midday to create a late-evening atmosphere. But over the din of flapping tents came the constant hoot-and-holler of fishermen hooking up. First to my left, then my right, and suddenly my Thorne Brothers Professional doubled over.

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Crayfish - The Key to Locating Bass, Walleye or Pike

Troy Thomas

A great way to locate fish in midsummer is to find crayfish. Just about every kind of fish likes to chew on crayfish, especially young crayfish before they get too big and their outside skeleton gets too hard. Bass, walleye, pike and even big panfish like to munch down crayfish.

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Shake, Rattle, and Roll for Summer Smallmouth Bass

Troy Thomas

I’m a life-long smallmouth addict! I’ve had opportunities to sample some of the best fisheries across the U.S. Yet the thrill of chasing these special fish isn’t diminished when I can’t cast a line on world-class water. If I must work a little harder to catch fish, it makes the reward that much sweeter.

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